Xandra's Early Morning Paranormal Adventure

When I made my coming out post earlier today, there was something I did not mention. It's a bit hard to explain but...my plural headmate, Anwyn, the one who helped me figure out my gender...well, once I figured out that I was a girl, she decided I didn't need her anymore. She's gone dormant for now. I'll miss her terribly, but I know she'll be back if I need her. That being said? She kind of made her presence known in an odd way. And if you thought me having a split personality that went dormant when i came out of trans was a bit out there, well, this next part is gonna blow your gods-damned socks off.

See, Anwyn wasn't just my headmate. She was an occultist. Specifically, a chaos mage. And before she went dormant, she was planning on programming and binding a spirit. She had gone so far as to write down the sigils she would need in her notebook and on the binding object. If this all sounds like baloney, I assure you, it is not. I myself have used meditative practices to explore other realms of consciousness. I have met with and talked to the very gods I worship. Dismiss it if you want, I was not high and I was not drunk. And I was definitely not high and drunk when I woke up at 5:30 am and felt a presence in the room with me and heard what I can only describe as childlike laughter in my head.

See, the thing about the sigils used in chaos magic is that they work by transferring willpower from the conscious to the unconscious mind. So when Anwyn went dormant, the sigils activated and the spirit they represented came to life. I had some spare magical equipment with me (I was sleeping in the basement, away from my altar), so I attempted a ritual to contact the spirit. And I succeeded. Everybody, meet Scriv:

A cute bespectacled kobold in a black shirt, by cryptidilrl on twitter.

Scriv is based in appearance of a kobold OC I have that I have not been using. This made it easier for Anwyn to visualize him as she drew the sigils. His personality is based on the Page of Cups and the Page of Wands. His primary function is to protect Anwyn (which, by extension, means protecting me), but his life's purpose is to learn new things. All of this was coded into the sigils used to summon him, which were written in Anwyn's notebook and on the binding object: a large twenty-sided die that flashes when you get a twenty. Anwyn had a pretty awesome sense of whimsy.

I promised to let him out sometime today. I think we'll go for a walk around the block or something, let him see what the world looks like outside the house. I'm definitely keeping him in my room instead of the dingy old basement. Honestly, I'm looking forward to having him around.