The Penclaw Press Relaunch

I haven’t blogged in literally months. I wish I could think of a compelling reason that was the case. Did I lose interest? Maybe. Did I let depression get the better of me? Probably. Did I become temporarily obsessed with other things in the meantime? Yes. Most definitely. But blogging and writing are a big part of my identity, and I always seem to return to them in one form or another. And in this case I am doing a “soft reboot” of my current blog.

What do I mean by “soft reboot?” Mostly that instead of using a separate server running a powerful content management system, I am using FTP to transmit a bunch of static HTML files (generated using Jekyll) to a directory on a server that is already running a few services for me. I was able to backup and transfer my posts to the new format as well, so everything I have written since this blog was started is still here. More importantly, I have a local backup of everything now and will continue to maintain one going forward so I shouldn’t lose access to any of my posts. So everything I’ve written is still here, and will continue to be here as long as I can maintain server costs.

I’m also going to be changing the content of this site up a little in order to get myself writing again and work on building a readership. At the moment, the main thing I’m gonna be adding is a serializec horror novella that began as a failed attempt at participating in National Novel Writing Month. The title of the novella is Triton’s Daughter, and it focuses heavily on transgender themes. While the story is not yet complete, I’m hoping that by working on it and releasing it in installments I can begin to transition from short form writing to the kind of long form stuff I’ve always wanted to do but never seem to be able to finish. Serial fiction has begun to make a comeback online anway, so it seems like the opportune time to try such and experiment.

I hope to release the first installment of Triton’s Daughter by Friday the fourth of December and conitnue with montlhy installements into 2020. When the story is complete, I will see about releasing it in a collected ebook edition, and possibly in audiobook format as well. I will also try to post an unrelated blog post at least once or twice a week, whether its a short story or a poem or somethig else.s I’ll hope you’ll stick around for this new phase of my blogging and writing career, and I look forward to posting again soon.