Introduction: A Plural Pupper (with bonus short story)

Salutations, fediverse! I am Xander Pendrake, headmate of Anwyn Pendrake and self-published author extraordinaire! Whereas anwyn is primarily a blogger, I am a writer of fiction. Observe!

The Library of Destinies

“Keep close. It’s easy to get lost in the stacks,” says my guide. Their bony hand holds a tiny glass lamp, glowing with blue fire. I don’t ask why they don’t use a flashlight, or why they have a fire hazard so close to such delicate materials. Questions like that seem irrelevant right now.

The blue light of the lamp lights up rows and rows of books on either side of us. Each one bears the name of a person in gold print on the spine. Below each name is a pair of dates. It is easy to surmise what each one means, especially since, on some books, the second date is left blank. I wonder what it must be like to care for something so precious, to be able to walk down these halls, pull a book off these shelves, and immerse oneself in the possibilities and shapes a life may take. I am tempted to do so myself, but I stay my hand. We are hear for a specific volume today.

My guide eventually comes to a stop in front of a particular stack. They point to a single volume, and I see the name of my daughter on the side. I take it off the shelf, and hold it gingerly. Mercifully, the second date has yet to be written in.

I open the book and scan the pages, seeing a multitude of possible futures laid out in text, depending on the choices she makes now, in the present. In one of them, she is a housewife. In another, a minister. In a third, a science teacher. In a fourth, a doctor. I read enough of each to satisfy my curiosity and parental guilt. In so many of them, she is happy and healthy. That alone is enough. I put the book back on the shelf and turn towards my guide.

“I’m done here,” I say. They turn around, and in the light I am able to see the bleached white skull, eye-sockets filled with what seems like the darkness that lurks between the stars.

“We still have time to find your own volume,” they say, though their jaw never moves. I smile wearily.

“No point,” I say. “I already know how that story ends.”

OK, Back to the Intro

Anwyn and I are both part of the furry fandom, and otherkin besides, but while she is a dragon, I am a wolf.

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As far as we can tell, I'm the “original” personality in our system. Anwyn and our other headmates only appeared recently, after I attempted a meditation to contact a familiar spirit. That familiar's name is Celdwyn, and they share our headspace. Soon after, Anwyn poked her head out as well.

These days, Anwyn does most of the occult research while I focus on my writing and creative work. For me, the occult was always a deeply spiritual thing, whereas for Anwyn its a way to figure out the mystery of her own existence. The things she's working on are, quite frankly, fascinating, and I'm looking forward to seeing where she goes.

As for myself, I am a devout Heathen, and I'm content to stay that way, making sacrifices to Odin and the other gods, while honoring them through poetry and honorable action. I've my share of crises of faith, to be sure, but my faith has come out all the stronger for them. Heck, I sometimes even refer to myself as a “dog of the wild hunt.”

I plan to post on here every so often and share bits of my writing with you. I hope you'll enjoy what I've been working on. I'm looking forward to sharing my writing with everyone.