Creative Over-Saturation and How I'm Dealing With It

You ever get the feeling that you're working on too many things at once and that a lot of it is going nowhere? I've been getting that feeling a lot lately. I keep coming up with new projects and ideas and letting old ones slip by the wayside. Which is a pity, because occasionally I find that older ideas are doing better than expected, such as the anarchist poetry collection I started last month. Meanwhile, nobody seems to care about my shared fiction universe. But maybe that's because I could never finish the first story. Honestly, creative over-saturation is enough to make a girl sigh exasperatedly and scream into her pillow.

It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that I kind of need money to live and that I want to be able to make money by writing. It's a thing that gets me down a lot. I've tried Patreon and Ko-Fi, and all those other things, but I just can't seem to build an audience. Of course, the truth is that the audience needs to be built on other platforms, and I need to work with that in order to succeed. The problem is that I hate mainstream social media with a firy burning passion and I really, really want it to burn to the ground sometimes. Its a capitalist hellhole designed to turn shitposts and hot takes into social capital, which can thereby become real capital if one works hard enough. Or is just really goddamn lucky. Or becomes a fascist.

So what can I do? I'll tell you what I can do – I can quit whining, narrow my focus, and concentrate on my work. I've been productive as shit, but now its time to pick my battles and see what I can work on and what I need to abandon for now. I have a lot of good ideas, but I can't write them all. And I'll be honest, some of them were probably dead ends anyway. So why not clear some space up in the old cranium so that I can still come up with new ones if I feel like it?

Things that are on the chopping block, so to speak, include my shared fiction universe, unfortunately. I was hosting a wiki and a Plume instance for it on my own server and it got too expensive to maintain really quickly. Also no one was using the server except me. I'm also gonna be putting my longer works on the back burner while I work on shorter fiction and get into a habit of writing regularly while not being overwhelmed by the scope of the project. Shorter fiction has always been my go to genre anyway, but I do want to dip my toes into the long form arena eventually. I've got a couple of long form ideas right now, so I'm gonna pick one to work on and release updates for on my Patreon while I build a readership using my short story collections on Wattpad. Later today I will take stock of all my projects, and make a post that gives people some insight into what I'm working on. Until then, I'm gonna work on getting myself to a place I feel comfortable with in my writing and workload. I hope you'll all check back later when I'm ready to unveil my latest escapades in the writing arena.