An Anarcho-Pagan's contribution to Poetry Month

It's #NationalPoetryMonth I've got a treat for all of you. Way back during the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in the US, I started and anarcho-pagan poetry anthology on Wattpad. Titled No Masters But the Gods, it is a collection of poetry that refelcts my belief in anarchist priniciples as well as pagan ones. And today I found out that it reached rank #100 in paganism stories on Wattpad.

Cover for No Masters But the Gods by Xander Pendrake

I'm really proud of how well this collection is doing, and am planning to update the collection with at least one poem a month from now on. Please consider reading it. If you like it, please consider subscribing to my Patreon to see what else I'm working on. I've got a public teaser for a cyberpunk novella on there, as well as two exclusive Patron-only posts.

I hope you enjoy my poetry and consider supporting me. And consider dropping me a follow request on mastodon. I'd love to get to know the people interested in my work.