A Smattering Of Poetry

Poetry has been something that I have been interested in ever since school. I love reading it, and I love to write it even more. My style varies wildly. Sometimes I like to use a more formal format like a villanelle, other times I use free verse. Recently, I have experimented with adding alliteration for my amusement. Poetry lets me play with the sound and music of the world of words. Its a wonderful, beautiful experiment in twisting the threads of language into a long, beautiful cord. And it can be an incredibly cathartic thing as well, allowing me to express feelings that would otherwise be hard to get across.

Here are a few poems I recently sent in for a fellowship prize. I didn’t get chosen as a finalist, but I stand by the poems as works of art and a good example of the kind of writing I can do when I put my heart into my words.

The Lies My Brain Hs Told Me

That I’m worthless,
a whiner,
that I am nothing,
these are the lies my brain has told me.

That my work and words are pitiful,
worthless drivel,
that no one ever
enjoys them,
these are the lies my brain has told me.

That my politics are misguided,
that power thrives
and I, in my isolation
am impotent,
these are the lies my brain has told me.

That it would have been better
not to be a burden
and to relieve my parents
of my poverty,
these are the lies my brain has told me.

That nothing I do
will be of note
and I shall die unknown
and unloved,
these are the lies my brain has told me.

But I do not have to listen to them

Eulogia Draconis

Pity the dragon that was slain
by a knight and cut in twain
for it was only acting by its nature,
at least according to its nomenclature:
drakkon, the serpent from the Earth,
which guards what the gods have deemed to be worth
more than a fool of noble birth.
So pity the dragon, for it knew better than I
which mortals should live and which should die.

A Glimpse at My Mind

My thoughts are hidden, but my words
are wanton things.
They demand to be shared
and spred around.
To write is to publicize,
to publish oneself.

I think on my words,
and wearily
I realize that, together,
they tangle me
in a net of my own devising
that they have drawn.

But my words may free me
from my fetters
if I only realize that the state
of sorrow
is but a temporary present, and not
a prophecy of tomorrow.

Abjuration Against Gender

Goddess, God, and every deity
of the Earth, the Sky, and the mighty Sea,
to your power I now surrender.
Free me from this thing called gender!
Let me be like the great oak tree,
unconcerned with what humans see,
and from these shackles let me be free!

Herbal Remedies

Some St. John’s Wort to heal the cut,
some chamomile tea to soothe the gut.

Basil leaves and honey yo keep the cough at bay,
motherwort to send the headache on its way.

A balm of juniper berries to aid with gout,
Some rose water to help the liver out.

A spearmint compress for the feverish head
Some lavender oil to sleep soundly in bed.

Herbs have I for cuts, bruises, fever and chills;
nothing have I for society’s ills.

I will likely post more poetry on this blog in the near future. Maybe I’ll even create chapbook of sorts to sell online. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my poetry, and I look forward to sharing more of it with you soon.