A DnD Character Appreciation Post for Vix, The Badass Anime Furry

I’ve had a lot of DnD characters over the years. Some of them have been more self-indulgent than others. Some of them have been simple experiments with the rules, or with classes and races that I haven’t played before. But my current character is probably one of the most self-indulgent things I have ever made. Everyone, meet Vix, the fox-shifter spore druid.

Vix is a shifter who lives on the continent of Thoria. She is a Druid by training, and until very recently lived with her enclave, the Enclave of the Mycorex, in a secluded grove in the middle of an untamed wilderness bustling with magical creatures. She is able to morph from her standard anime-girl form to a full on anthropomorphic fox, as well as take on the forms of various other animals that she’s seen. She’s also a spore druid, and is constantly surrounded by fungal spores which she can “activate” in order to gain a boost to her HP and deal extra damage in melee. Spore druids are also talented at necromancy, and Vix is only one level away from raising the dead. In short, she’s a goth furry anime girl and basically the person I wanted to be for a lot of my college years.

Vix has been able to hold her own in the party quite well. She’s passed just enough survival checks to annoy the heck out of the DM, who was hoping for a more difficult jaunt through the wilderness. She is both the party’s main source of in-combat healing and tied with the rogue for most monsters killed. Her signature weapon is the “Moonbeam” spell, which has lead to more than one “Sailor Moon” reference.

Not everything has been sunshine and roses for her. The second session of the campaign saw her possessed by a cursed staff which forced her to destory much of her home village. She was rescued by the party, but fears that she may never be able to return to her village ever again. This has made her interesting to play, as the last session saw the party visiting another grove during a massive celebration. A celebration that she would’ve normally spent with her own grove. It was interesting to roleplay her interactions with the members of this other grove. It was equal parts melancholly and bittersweet.

DnD is collaborative storytelling, but its also a chance to put on a costume of sorts and become someone different. Sometimes a character gets stuck in your head, and captures your heart, and keeps you going between sessions. That’s a type of magic as powerful as any seventh level spell.