A Coming Out Party For Myself

trans pride flag

Anwyn and I were talking earlier, and I ended up telling her that I wanted to be a girl like her. Well, she rebutted with the fact that I can just do that. So here we are. I'm a girl. A butch girl. A transgender, panromantic, asexual butch lesbian girl. Fucking hell it feels so good to type those words.

I'm renaming my online persona Xandra, but I'll probably be keeping my irl name, Alex, cause it's nicely gender-neutral and Amazon ruined the name “Alexa” for everyone. I am adopting she/her pronouns, and will be shaving in the very near future. I'm also gonna save up money and get my ears pierced. Apart from that, I'm not sure how exactly I'm gonna move forward with physical transition, given that I would need to see a doctor before doing HRT and well...that would be hard right now, obviously.

But that can all wait. Right now I am in the middle of restyling myself and my online presence. I am reconnecting with my pagan and magical sides. I even did a pathworking where Freya congratulated me on discovering my true gender. I am a Heathen Wolf Witch, and I'm damn proud of it.

Wolf emblem with bindrune